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North Korea: Witness to Transformation

Routledge on North Korea

by | May 25th, 2013 | 07:00 am

Routledge is one of those commercially successful academic presses that academics love to hate. On the one hand, they publish a lot and some of it is tailored to those of us working in niche markets, like North Korea (we have published in several Routledge volumes). On the other hand, their pricing policies–as much as $80 or even $100 for an edited hardback–squeeze library budgets and limit access.

But when someone does good, they do good and we cannot hold grudges. We recently received the following in our inbox, and it contains a gold mine of interesting pieces on North Korea (with some South Korea thrown in for good measure). We found pieces by Ruediger Frank, Hazel Smith, Victor Cha, Alex Mansourov, Don Sung Lee, Joel Wit, Mark Fitzpatrick and a host of others. We appreciate that presses need to make money; balancing more costly content with open access to useful content at least softens the blow.



In light of recent events, questions continue to be asked about the future of North Korea.

To help you increase your understanding of the current crisis and how it has developed, we are offering you free online access to a selection of over 150 articles on the following themes:

Economic Issues
North Korean Politics and Policy
Nuclear Programme and Military Strategy
Relations Between North Korea and Asia
Relations Between North Korea and the West
The Korean War

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