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North Korea: Witness to Transformation

Sources: The Center for Economic Sanctions and Reform

by | June 8th, 2013 | 07:00 am

Sanctions are not only of interest to those engaged in the making—and watching—of foreign policy; they also are a major headache for firms that need to worry about compliance. As a result, a variety of interesting new sites have emerged that track and analyze sanctions. Among those that have been brought to our attention are Erich Ferrari’s incredibly useful Sanction Law blog, as well as the European Sanctions Law and Practice blog that provides an EU perspective. We are generally skeptical of anything with “wiki” in the title, but Sanctions Wiki appears to do a good job at sheer tracking.

A recent entry into this space is The Center for Economic Sanctions and Reform (here).  The spirit of the blog comports with ours and is worth quoting: “despite the growing use of sanctions, understanding gaps exist between the authors of sanctions, the agencies and private entities tasked with interpreting and executing them, and the academics, journalists, and non-governmental organizations who gauge their impact and effectiveness.” In recent posts, the blog has addressed both fine points and larger issues surrounding Iran sanctions, with a number of posts from Ferrari and Samuel Cutler.

In a recent Q and A, I talked with Sam Cutler about the state of play on North Korean sanctions.  Our other posts on the topic can be found here.