Reflections on a North Korean Refugee’s Time in America

Last week, the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK) posted two personal reflections by North Korean refugees who recently spent time studying in the United States and interning at HRNK. You can read Sung-chul Kim’s “Living and Studying in America” here, and Hana Kim’s “Reflections on My Life in America” here.

Both accounts contain very relatable themes for anyone who has studied abroad: the excitement of travel, and the travails of adapting to new cultures and learning new languages. Underlying the familiar, however, is that these individuals have undertaken an extraordinary and dangerous journey to get here, and that their motivation to contribute to the North Korean human rights movement comes from first-hand experience.

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  1. Roland:

    The wouldbe redefector Son Jeong-hun recently interviewed in Seoul: He suggests, that 80 % of North Koreans living in the South are willing to go back to the North under precondition of not beeing punished for defection.