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Center for North Korean Defectors

by | September 15th, 2012 | 07:00 am

We were recently passed along information about an excellent South Korean organization providing transition assistance to North Korean refugees who’ve made their way to the South.  The Center for North Korean Defectors has been working since 2003 to help North Koreans resettle and adjust to a new life in South Korea.  The website notes that in 2004, the center became the first civilian organization to provide immediate services to North Korean defectors upon their arrivals in their cities of residence.   Here are some updates on what they’ve been up to recently.

The center highlighted two camps held in August titled “Finding our Roots” and “Legal Cultural Camp” respectively.  The “Finding our Roots” camp was a camp intended primarily for youth defectors attending elementary schools in the Daegu region.  The majority of the camp was focused on group swimming and games at “Fun Fun Beach.”  The Legal Cultural Camp was naturally a bit more complex.  The camp brought together 30 different refugees.  They described the camp by saying,  ”The legal culture camp was created to easily learn and understand various rigid legal topics, such as laws concerning family life, things to be cautious of in time of employment and economic activities, and legal problems that can occur in personal relationships, through bonding recreation activities, examples, films, and experiences.”

Check out their website  for further details on these and many other projects.