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The “We begin bombing in five minutes” contest redux

by | December 8th, 2012 | 07:00 am

Earlier this year, following the DPRK’s unsuccessful attempt to launch its missile  satellite, Marcus Noland announced a contest amid speculation that the unsuccessful launch might be followed by another nuclear test.  The post was aptly titled the “We begin bombing in five minutes” contest in honor of the immortal words of the Gipper.  We received 26 guesses from loyal readers ranging from as early as the 23rd of April to as late as the 13th of September.  Lucky for all of us, nobody was right.  We had a couple who guessed that there would be no nuclear test in 2012, but this isn’t The Price is Right.  You have to pick a date.

Since we still have an Autographed copy of Witness to Transformation ready to give out, we thought we’d renew the contest amid serious speculation that the DPRK will attempt a second missile satellite launch in the coming weeks.  A recent article on KCNA  confirmed the planned launch and stated that the test will occur between December 10th and December 22nd.  Hopefully, this contest will end like the last with little fanfare.

One entry per reader, please.

Oh, and we should not miss the opportunity to plug our Second Annual Turkey Shoot Contest.  Just connect Jill Kelley (pictured below at left) to our very own Steph Haggard (on the far right).  So, for example, Jill Kelley was infamously bombarded by harassing emails from Paula Broadwell (second from left), whose thesis adviser at the Kennedy School was Stephen Walt (third from left), who was a grad school buddy of Steph’s.  From Tampa’s former honorary Korean consul to Steph Haggard in three easy steps!  Prizes will be awarded for the most direct and most creative connections between Kelley and Haggard, Kim Jong-un, and/or Mullah Omar.  Put your thinking caps on and get those entries in! Winners to be announced Christmas Day.