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Is Ray Lewis Receiving Training Secrets From North Korea?

by | February 3rd, 2013 | 07:00 am

Back in the summer of 2011, following the FIFA Women’s World Cup, we reported on 5 North Korean players who tested positive for banned substances.  Apparently, the reason for the positive tests was something referred to as Musk Deer gland medicine.  We were reminded of this story this week as news broke that future hall of famer and enthusiasm enthusiast, Ray Lewis, may have been taking a banned substance contained in a product known as deer velvet antler extract.  The immediate question here is what do these deer know about athletic performance that we are missing?  What’s going on with these drugged up deer pushing their performance enhancing drugs on unsuspecting athletes the world over?

It appears that Musk Deer gland and deer velvet antler are two distinct products, but one has to wonder if Mr. Lewis may have been consulting with the North Koreans on this.  Also, with what we know about the impact of steroids on user’s mental states, could this deer antler extract be to blame for the superstar’s glorious outbursts of emotion?

We for one are surprised Ray thought he could keep this a secret as the image below clearly shows that the symptoms of his antler use were becoming quite noticeable.

Happy Super Bowl!

(49ers: 24 Ravens: 14)

ray lewis the deer