Jamming continues

December 19, 2012 6:00 AM

An ongoing story this year has been North Korea’s ability to jam radio broadcasts into the country as well as the GPS systems of airliners using Incheon airport, the main gateway into South Korea as well as those of ships operating in the vicinity of the disputed Northern Limit Line.  Earlier in the fall, the Daily NK reported that North Korean is beefing up its short-wave capacity both to better beam its own broadcasts as well as interfere with the broadcasts of others. The paper claims that the North Koreans have received assistance from China’s Beijing BBEF Electronics Group implementing the upgrade.

The South Korean press is also reporting Ministry of National Defense allegations that earlier this year North Korea attempted to interfere with the operation of a South Korean satellite used by the military and others.  According to the Daily NK, “South Korea is currently developing a new satellite that will reportedly be five times better at defending against such North Korean attacks. It is slated for launch in 2016.” After last week's events, they'd better get cooking.