Getting the best out of tech: Would international rules of the road help?

Caroline Atkinson (RockCreek; PIIE Executive Committee), Reinhilde Veugelers (PIIE) and Diane Coyle (University of Cambridge; Bennett Institute)


February 9, 2021 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST
Virtual Event

Event Summary

Governments around the world are wrestling with how to deal with Big Tech: balancing concerns that a few large digital companies—American and Chinese—are “winners” with too much power against the risk that regulation may stifle innovation. Which public policy issue is the most important: competition, privacy, or harmful content? And should policymakers aim at global agreement on the approach to rules and regulations for digital technology?

Joining this episode of Global Connections were:


Caroline Atkinson, Senior Advisor, RockCreek; PIIE Executive Committee member


  • Reinhilde Veugelers, Professor at KULeuven and Senior Fellow at Bruegel and PIIE
  • Diane Coyle, Bennett Professor of Public Policy, University of Cambridge and Co-Director, Bennett Institute

This event complements a separate session on February 10 on Big Tech regulation and its interaction with financial regulation, in the PIIE Financial Statements series hosted by Nicolas Véron.


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