Women and work: Has the pandemic undone years of progress in developed and developing countries?

Caroline Atkinson (RockCreek; PIIE Executive Committee), Betsey Stevenson (University of Michigan; Former Member of the Council of Economic Advisers) and Abebe Selassie (International Monetary Fund)


June 8, 2021 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM EDT
Virtual Discussion

Event Summary

The pandemic recession has disproportionately affected women, in both developed and developing countries.  In advanced economies, women have withdrawn from the labor force in greater numbers, likely hurting their career prospects as well as family incomes.  In poorer countries, the costs can include a reversal of progress in halting child marriage and in boosting education for girls.  Two experts—on the United States and on Africa—debate what effect this phenomenon will have on global growth and productivity, and what policymakers can do.

Joining this episode of Global Connections were:


Caroline Atkinson
Senior Advisor, RockCreek; PIIE Executive Committee member


  • Betsey Stevenson
    Professor of Public Policy and Economics, University of Michigan; Former Member of the Council of Economic Advisers
  • Abebe Selassie
    Director, African Department, International Monetary Fund


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