The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic threatens to plunge the global economy into a recession or worse. PIIE scholars assess the economic outlook, possible approaches to reverse the downturn, and the factors—including trade protection—that have worsened the situation.

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RealTime Economic Issues Watch
June 14, 2021
Past Event

Caroline Atkinson (RockCreek; PIIE Executive Committee), Betsey Stevenson (University of Michigan; Former Member of the Council of Economic Advisers) and Abebe Selassie (International Monetary Fund)

June 8, 2021
Trade and Investment Policy Watch

Chad P. Bown (PIIE) and Chris Rogers (S&P Global Market Intelligence Panjiva)

June 7, 2021
RealTime Economic Issues Watch

Jason Furman (PIIE) and Wilson Powell III (Harvard Kennedy School)

June 4, 2021
RealTime Economic Issues Watch
May 26, 2021
Policy Brief

Joseph E. Gagnon (PIIE), Steven Kamin (American Enterprise Institute) and John Kearns (American Enterprise Institute)

May 2021